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Learn how setting and achieving goals gives us life purpose as we age. “Achieving Lifelong Goals with Vitalize 360™” will be held at The Cape Codder Resort on September 27, 2016, from noon to 2 pm. Presenter Susan Flashner-Fineman, M.Ed., is Orchard Cove’s Vitalize 360™ Coach and Fitness Director. She is also a trained wellness coach, and her mission is to guide and inspire every resident to live their best and most fulfilled life possible. To register, call 781-821-1730 or fill out the form.


Where will the next phase of your journey lead?

At Orchard Cove, you’ll have access to all of the engaging activities, opportunities, amenities and assurances of a vibrant, independent senior living community—right here in your neighborhood.

5 Retirement Community Myths, Debunked.

MYTH 1: Moving into a retirement community means giving up my freedom and independence. In reality, Orchard Cove is where you live—it is not your life. We encourage and help facilitate engagement with the world outside our community. If anything, you’ll gain new freedom and opportunities to explore and grow.

MYTH 2: Life in a retirement community is always “same old, same old.” At Orchard Cove, no two days are ever the same. With a full calendar of concerts, lectures and classes to feed your mind and spirit, as well as swimming, tennis and yoga to strengthen your body, it’s easy to stay interested, active and engaged.

MYTH 3: All the other residents will want to talk about is grandchildren and health issues. In reality, our residents have amazingly diverse backgrounds, interests and goals that they’re more than happy to share and discuss. They’re a remarkable group of people.

MYTH 4: I’ll have access to better healthcare at home. In fact, we offer world-class healthcare onsite. Our expert team includes Harvard Medical School-affiliated physicians, geriatric specialists, nurses and more.

MYTH 5: If you’ve seen one retirement community, you’ve seen them all. Not true! Our connection to Hebrew SeniorLife, Harvard Medical School and the Institute for Aging Research provide stability, innovation and a stellar reputation you won’t find anywhere else.

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